sell my home to stop foreclosure

Sell Your Home And Stop Foreclosure NOW!

We can take over your mortgage payments and keep foreclosure off your credit. We take ownership & responsibility for taxes, insurance, HOA fees, repairs & everything.

No Hassles. No Gimmicks. 100% FREE!

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Avoid Foreclosure and Don’t Short Sale

We Can Help Save Your Credit!

Avoid Foreclosure - Myrtle Beach Home Buyers

Don’t let your house go into Foreclosure!! We can make payments on your mortgage, pay the reinstatement balance, catch up back taxes, get you out from under this stressful situation and, most importantly, save your credit from years of ruin!

There are no fees, no gimmicks, and no obligations. It’s 100% FREE! Our mortgage relief program can help prevent foreclosure, a short sale, or anything that would hurt your credit.

Stop Foreclosure In Myrtle Beach

“We bought a home and needed to sell our condo fast in order to avoid two mortgages. My husband is the full-time caregiver to our special needs son and he requires constant supervision. The condo would have required time and money to repair, paint and floor. As a one income household, we were afraid to try and sell the condo on our own and wondered if we would still come out ahead after realtor fees, closing costs, paying two mortgages and cost of repairs. And more importantly, how would we keep our son safe and supervised thru the process? Myrtle Beach Homebuyers to the rescue! We heard Adam advertise on the Gator 107.9 radio and was curious if he could help us in our situation. Adam and Jeremy came to the condo and explained in detail how they could help us. We were able to close before having to pay on two mortgages. And we had none of the stresses that comes with selling a property. Thank you Myrtle Beach Homebuyers for taking the stress and worry away and for being so friendly throughout the process.”

-Judy Main, Myrtle Beach SC Google 5 Star Review

How Does The ‘Save My Credit’ Program Work?

It doesn’t matter if you have a house, condo, mobile home, duplex, or apartment building, we can take over the mortgage payments. We will work on your timeline to stop foreclosure and get you heading in the right direction! We Can Help Save Your Credit & You Might Even Be Able To Walk Away With Cash! If you’re behind on your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure call us at (843) 507-5058.

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Get Your Cash

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Avoid foreclosure and get out from the stressful situation.

We can buy your home for cash in a few days, a couple weeks, or months down the road…Whatever works for your situation!

Take Over My Mortgage Payments

Avoid Foreclosure Myrtle Beach

Sometimes, you don’t have time to sell your house on the MLS if you’re behind on your mortgage payments. No matter the condition, no matter the amount owed, and no matter if the mortgage is upside down, we can take over the mortgage payments on your property. Don’t miss out on this incredible mortgage relief program!

Don’t Let Foreclosure Ruin Your Credit

You might be thinking, “this Save My Credit Program sounds great, but what’s the catch?”

There is NO catch!

Whether you are behind a month or two, are tired of making payments, have a large reinstatement fee, or are behind on taxes, we may be a great fit for you!

Our focus is to stop foreclosure or short sale from ever being listed on your credit history and following you for years.

We have our own funds that allow us to close quickly on a property, so we can prevent foreclosure and keep it from ever showing up on your credit report!


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